What I’m Working On

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site, but I haven’t been idle. I spent over a year in the woodshed working on a hyper-casual game called Tricky Tube, and leveling up my Unity development chops in the process. I also spent a couple of years working at Babeltime Inc. US, doing level design and general development on Realm Defense, as well as R&D on other projects.

Now I’ve gone indie again, and I’m madly cranking out prototypes in my favorite genre — minimalist puzzle. I’m actively seeking business and marketing partners to help me bring these projects to fruition, so if what you see here interests you, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Tangle Town / Six Snakes

A tile-laying game about connecting colors. I haven’t decided on the best theme yet. Maybe you’re helping the Tingles of Tangle Town design the least efficient public transit map ever, or maybe you’re helping six cuddly snakes find their soulmates. Or something!


A puzzle game that explores the essence of “sameness”. Inspired by years of reading Douglas Hofstadter.

Sprangle Edge

Bears a family resemblance to Tangle Town (above), but is quite a different game. This one is all about finding and fitting. I will likely move away from the pipe presentation in favor of solid shapes.

Sprangle Match

Each tile must match each neighbor in at least one way.

Sprangle Shapes

My riff on 1010.