Analogies is a simple little game that you can play on long car rides.

What You Need

  • Three or more players.
  • A method of tracking scores. (Optional.)


At the beginning of each round, any player may suggest an analogy. The analogy should be of the form “What is the <blank> of <blank>?” For example, “What is the Texas of Europe?”, or “What is the Model-T of the Animal Kingdom?”

Everyone secretly comes up with an answer to the analogy. When everyone’s ready, each player says his or her answer in turn. (You’re not allowed to change your answer after you hear someone else’s!) You get a point for each other player who came up with the same answer you did.

Play until someone reaches a predetermined score. Or just play for fun.

For some truly wacky analogy questions, have two people each simultaneously come up with a random word, and then combine the two words to form the analogy.


  • Game Design—Kory Heath
  • Playtesting—John Cooper, Gina Mai Denn, Jenny Lynch