BlockhouseLevel061I created this simple puzzle game in 2009 and released it for iOS. Some people liked it! Unfortunately, it’s no longer available.

Tilt or swipe left, right, up, or down, and all of the blocks will slide as far as they can. When every block is sitting on its target location, you’ve solved the puzzle.

Sounds easy? Try it! Each level represents a uniquely designed challenge, in a variety of styles ranging from single-block mazes to multi-block logjams.


  • 100 unique puzzles.
  • Tilt or swipe controls.
  • No un-winnable states (but reset button provided).
  • Skip ahead when you get stumped on a puzzle.
  • Solve all puzzles in a quadrant to unlock the next quadrant.
  • Progress on each puzzle is saved between sessions.
  • Evocative sound effects.
  • Gorgeous colors.

Enter the Blockhouse… and enjoy!

“And then you realize that there are one hundred of these levels, and none of them suck. No filler. One simple game mechanic, in a frankly astonishing spread of variations: wide-open levels, divided levels, levels where you have to get the blocks wedged together, levels where you have to get the blocks knocked apart… That’s why you’re going to go out and buy Blockhouse. One level is a quick brain workout, and it leads directly to playing more and more of them until you’re obsessively pounding on that one you’re stuck on…”

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