Chicken Letters

In Chicken Letters, players write replies to randomly-generated letters.

What You Need

  • Many full-sized sheets of paper.
  • One pencil per player.


Each player takes two sheets of paper, and writes the top-half of a letter on one, and the bottom-half of a different letter on the other. Shuffle everyone’s top-halves into a face-down pile, and do the same with the bottom-halves. Give each player a sheet of blank paper.

Generating the Prompt

At the beginning of each round, the current Judge draws one top-half and one bottom-half, and puts them together to form a complete letter. The Judge reads the resulting letter aloud to the group.

Writing the Entries

Write a single reply to the letter. There’s no real time limit, but try not to take too long.

Judging the Entries

The Judge selects one player to read all the entries aloud. After hearing them all, the Judge picks two favorites, and the respective creators receive one point each. Use the two letter halves to track the points. After each player has been the Judge once, the game ends, and the player with the most points wins.


  • Game Design—Kory Heath
  • Playtesting—Chris Welsh, John Cooper, Gina Mai Denn