The Chicken Game System—Details and Clarifications


  • If you want to provide stage-directions or other special instructions for the reader, enclose them in brackets <like this>.
  • Write legibly!


  • Before the round begins, you may (but need not) disclose your judging preferences to the other players.
  • Feel free to submit your own entries. But, of course, this is just for fun; you’re not allowed to select them as winners.
  • Separate the entries into “maybe” and “no” piles as they’re being read, and then winnow the “maybe” pile until it contains just two entries.
  • If two or more entries are word-for-word identical, judge them as though they were a single entry. If you select that entry as one of the two winners, each player who wrote it gets a point.


  • If the group is willing to wait, take a minute to read through all of the entries silently before you read any of them aloud.
  • Don’t read text in <brackets> aloud. Do your best to follow whatever instructions writers provide.
  • Try to give each entry a good showcasing, even if you don’t understand it or don’t think it’s funny.
  • All of the entries should remain anonymous until the judging process is complete. Since some people have recognizable handwriting, don’t let the Judge see any of the actual writing.