CriminalsYour ears still ring with the sound of sirens as you sit in your cell, sweating it out with your associates. Last night’s crime wave is the talk of the town, and the cops are hot for some convictions. Uncover your associates’ crimes and sell them out for a deal. If you can uncover the Boss’ crime, you can all go home. But if you’re wrong, and the Boss walks, it’s the slammer for you!

Criminals is a game of lying and lie-detection for two to nine players. It’s reminiscent of Werewolf, but requires fewer players and no moderator.

Criminals is available now at DriveThruCards.


  • Game Design—Kory Heath and Dave Chalker
  • Game Development—John Cooper, Jacob Davenport, Kristin Matherly, Gavin Schmitt, Josh Drobina, Nate Lawrence
  • Playtesting—Too many to list